I moved to Portland, Oregon in 1994 to attend Reed College. Reed is in southeast Portland on , near the Crystal Springs rhododendron garden. In the first year, I lived on campus in the Foster dormitory, next to the Sholz dorm, above the tennis courts. Martin Stibolt was my roommate. The second year, I lived in the Reed College apartments. Ben Schrag and Tony Smith-Grieco were my roommates. The third year, I lived in a house with Adam Kahn, son of Bob Kahn, who’s wife Sandi was one of Judy’s oldest friends from nursing school. Adam and I moved again during the fourth year and also lived with a friend of Adam’s named Sarah.

After graduating from Reed in 1998, I stayed in Portland another year. I worked for Richard Crandall that year at the Center for Advanced Computation. I lived in a house and Mark Liu also rented it out another room for some time.