I was born in Santa Cruz, California. Santa Cruz is a medium size town on the Pacific coast with around 60,000 people.

I was born in Bonny Doon, behind UC Santa Cruz, in the redwood forests. At the age of 3, my parents divorced and my father married Judy, the mother of Hana and Robert. They bought a house in Capitola, and I and my brothers went back and forth between my mom’s house in Bonny Doon and my Dad and Judy’s house in Capitola.

Later, my mom moved into Santa Cruz proper, and bought a house with the help of Grandpa Joe. This house was at 209 Mira Vista Drive. My Dad and Judy bought a house in Santa Cruz, close to Scott’s Valley at 700 Granite Creek Road. I went back and forth between these two houses during most of elementary school, junior high and high school. I went to Happy Valley elementary school, Branciforte Junior High School and Harbor High school.