My  father is Peter Nash. My grandfather, his father was named Acatius Nasch (1908-1968). He also went by Akos. He changed his last name to Nash sometime during the late 1920’s.  Acatius was born in Poklostelek, Hungary in 1908 and died in 1968 in Los Angeles.

Akos went to medical school in Tours, France where he met my grandmother, Dorothy. (Poklostolek was also known as Nagy-Fentos, Hungary on his medical certificate, 1935) He lived in Rouen and Tours, France during the time when he met Dorothy. In Rouen, he lived at 43 Place du Vieux Marché and also 66 rue de la grosse Horlage. In Tours he lived at 296 Rue Victor Hugo. Indre-et-Loire and also 25 Rue Verte near the medical school.